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Week Beginning 21st November 2016

Christmas is Coming!

We will be having our one week break at Christmas so there will be no deliveries in week beginning Monday 26th December – back to normal Monday 2nd January. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to change your order.

We seem to be running out of boxes! We don’t yet make a charge for non-returned boxes so it helps to reduce our costs if you return your empties. Thanks.

As well as Bonus Juicing Apples at £1 per kg, we still have a few Juicing Pears at the same price. The apples this week are Meridian and Herefordshire Russet and the pears are Concorde and Invincible. Bonus Apples are available at £2 per kg.

We are picking chervil, lettuce, miner’s lettuce, apples, leeks, lemon balm, flat leaf parsley, rocket, cherry tomatoes, kale, cavolo nero, Oriental leaves, flowery salad packs and chard.

We also have English Brussels sprouts, swedes, leeks, parsnips, celeriac, red, white and green cabbages, red and white onions, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, kohl rabi, butternut squash and celery. At this time of year, regular veg boxes tend to develop a more earthy, rooty and heavier character as the days get shorter and colder.

Bonus offers to add to your regular order

BONUS CHERVIL: A small bag of fresh leaves for 50p.

BONUS APPLES: £2 per kg



BONUS LEMON BALM: A small bag of fresh leaves for 50p.

GENERAL BONUS BAG: Choose any item we supply (fruit or veg) and as long as supplies allow, we’ll bring you a bag of it weighing more than you would normally get for the price. £2 a bag. As long as we have the produce, you can have as many General Bonus Bags as you like.

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