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Week Beginning 6th June 2016

Strawberries and Lettuce

Whoopee! The strawberries are ready – not loads yet so if you are especially keen to have some, send Debbie an email. Our own lettuce is ready too. This is much later than we would normally have, partly because of a cold early spring and partly because we mucked around with the planting schedule in the interests of improvement by trial and error. To the Violas we can now add a couple of other edible flowers, namely Nasturtium and borage, so they are all beginning to appear in salad packs.

Bonus offers to add to your regular order

BONUS LEAVES and FLOWERS: two bags of lettuce leaves with edible flowers for £2.

BONUS CHARD: two bags of Swiss, canary or rainbow chard (depending on availability) for £2.

GENERAL BONUS BAG: Choose any item we supply (fruit or veg) and as long as supplies allow, we’ll bring you a bag of it weighing more than you would normally get for the price. £2 a bag. As long as we have the produce, you can have as many General Bonus Bags as you like.

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