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Week Beginning 7th December 2015

Thanks for telling us your changes for Christmas

If you would like to make changes and haven’t told us yet, you need to be quick!

We will be having a one week break at Christmas so there will be no deliveries in week beginning Monday 28th December – back to normal Monday 4th January.

Lower temperatures and short days mean that all our salads and herbs stop growing and they will be in short supply for several weeks. However we will make up the shortfall and maintain a healthy variety with winter crops from Houghton and produce bought in from other organic growers. We still have plenty of apples in store including Herefordshire Russet, Rajka, Red Topaz and Meridian.

Bonus offers to add to your regular order

BONUS APPLES: 2kg for £5 or 5kg for £10.

BONUS JUICING APPLES. These are good apples with a bit more skin damage than we would like. 5kg for £2.

GENERAL BONUS BAG: Choose any ONE item we supply (fruit or veg) and as long as supplies allow, we’ll bring you a bag of it weighing more than you would normally get for the price. £2 a bag.

Available now

Oriental leaves (mizuna, red mizuna, frilly mustard leaves, giant red mustard), rocket, swedes, lettuce leaves, apples, cabbages, cavolo nero, regular kale, rainbow chard, canary chard, Swiss chard, flat leaf parsley, Brussels sprouts, celeriac, chestnut mushrooms, beetroot, carrots, celery, kohl rabi, leeks, parsnips as well as pears, clementines and pomegranates. Seville oranges for marmalade makers will be available soon.


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