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Week Beginning 5th October 2015

Several apple varieties are ready now including Red Windsor, Red Devil, Rajka – and, as featured on Gardeners’ World – Scrumptious (although ours are a bit spottier than Monty’s). Autumn is upon us, the cucumbers are just about finished and the beans are on the way out too. We still have lots of lovely tomatoes though.


We have managed to hold our prices steady since spring 2014 but with ever increasing costs we need to make some changes to make sure we can continue to improve the quality and variety of the produce we bring you. So from this week box prices will increase as follows:

Mini boxes from £6.50 to £7
Mini salad and 1,2,3 Veg from £7.50 to £8
Small boxes from £12 to 12.50
Medium boxes from £17.50 to £18
Large boxes from £23 to £23.50
All the other £12 boxes change to £12.50.

Despite the challenges of delivering to a sparsely populated part of the country, we still make no extra charge for delivery. However, if you come and pick your order up from Low Luckens, you can (for the time being at least) have your order at the old price. And that’s also the way to take advantage of our most generous seasonal special offers. You can even pick your own tomatoes. See you Wednesdays 2-6 pm.

More bonus offers to add to your regular order

BONUS APPLES: 2 kg for £5 or 5kg for £10.

BONUS JUICING APPLES. These are good apples with a bit more skin damage than we would like. £3kg for £2. What a bargain!

BONUS TOMATOES: a tasty selection of up to six varieties. £2.50 for 500g

LOW LUCKENS SPECIAL BONUS BOX: a generous selection of our late summer produce. £5

GENERAL BONUS BAG: Choose any ONE item we supply (fruit or veg) and as long as supplies allow, we’ll bring you a bag of it weighing more than you would normally get for the price. £2 a bag.

WHAT’S IN THE GARDEN? Winter radishes, flat leaf parsley, leeks, swede, summer squash, lettuce leaves with edible flowers, whole lettuce, apples, six varieties of tomatoes, big Savoy cabbages, cavolo nero, regular kale, rainbow chard, canary chard, Swiss chard, French beans, coriander, chives, sage and oregano. We also have pomegranates and melons from Spain.

Please return your empty boxes. We don’t yet make a charge for non-returned boxes so it helps to reduce our costs if you return your empties. Thanks.

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