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Weekly Update – 29 December 2014

Happy New Year!

We are up to our ears in seed catalogues with lots of plans for the new growing season. If you have any particular favourites you would like us to grow this year then let us know. There will be lots of leafy greens as usual and possibly also an expansion of the range of tomatoes, cucumbers and beans – but remember we won’t be picking them for months yet! Meanwhile, our overwintering sprouting broccoli should start to yield as the weather warms up, along with spring onions, spring cabbage and a variety of spring salads. Also, look out for delicious endive taking the place of lettuce for a few weeks.


We expect to have Seville oranges from around the middle of January. No exact price yet (probably around £3 per kg) – let us know if you are interested (if you haven’t already).


We re-use them so thanks for returning them. To prevent them getting spoiled in bad weather, lots of customers leave out sturdy plastic boxes to protect the produce and the empties. Perhaps you could consider that if you don’t do it already.


We still have pak choi, rocket, cavolo nero, rainbow chard, Swiss chard, Oriental leaves, flat leaf parsley, regular kale, chervil, rosemary, winter cabbages, leeks and endives. We also have the makings of very nice winter salad packs which may contain lettuce, miner’s lettuce or other leafy greens and herbs.


We have winter vegetables direct from an organic farm in East Lothian: green cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage, leeks, celeriac, carrots, beetroot and Brussels sprouts. The Cumbrian potatoes are Maris Peer and we have swedes from the same grower. We also have English parsnips, kohl rabi and onions as well as pomegranates and clementines from Spain.

We have 25 different box types and they may or may not contain the items listed above. If you would like to receive any of them, let us know by Friday of the previous week and, if stocks (and the value of the box) allow, we’ll include them in your box.

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