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Weekly Update – 27th October 2014

We are now picking the last variety of apples for this season. It’s called Red Topaz. Our own pears are called Concorde. Get your bonus apples while you can. There are still plenty herbs to pick this week: rosemary, sage and chervil. The chervil is delicious with fish or just chopped up into scrambled eggs. Also we now have pomegranates from Spain. A note on boxes: we do re-use all the boxes including the ones that don’t fold so do leave them out for Andrew to pick up – thanks.


These are a fantastic bargain at 50p a kg! They have some marks but usually just skin deep. Buy as much as you like (while stocks last).


Our own chillies plus a lemon, garlic, ginger AND NOW ALSO A LIME– all for £2.50.


String them up and dry them or use them to make flavoured oil: 10 chillies for £2


We still have some rocket plus green chillies, Cavolo nero, Red Topaz apples, Concorde pears, rainbow chard, Swiss chard, perpetual spinach, Oriental leaves, flat leaf parsley and regular kale. Now also chervil, sage and rosemary.


We have winter vegetables direct from an organic farm in East Lothian which was once known as ‘the garden of Scotland’: green cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage, leeks, celeriac, kohl rabi, carrots and onions. The Cumbrian potatoes are Colleen and we have swedes from the same grower this week. We also have English parsnips and cauliflowers as well as melons from Spain

We have 25 different box types and they may or may not contain the items listed above. If you would like to receive any of them, let us know by Friday of the previous week and, if stocks (and the value of the box) allow, we’ll include them in your box.


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