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Weekly Update – 23rd June 2014


The strawberries are probably passed their peak production now but as availability allows we are still offering a £5 Strawberry Bonus Box – why not add one to your order. Let us know if you would like one every week while they last.


Two big lettuces for £1.50. A curly red one and a green Cos. You will probably be getting one of these in your box anyway so be sure you know what to do with three big lettuces in a week before placing your order!


Again you might get one of these in your box anyway but they are so pretty and delicious why not buy two extra packs for £1.50.


We have a few ripe cherries on the trees at Houghton but despite elaborate post, wire and net protection the blackbirds are still getting in to scoff them! The trees are still young and we were not expecting a big yield this year but cherries will be even scarcer than we thought. We are still buying them in though. The first broad beans are nearly ready and we might have some this week. Also, we can announce the return of delicious tender leaf kale. There are lots of edible flowers ready now including Nasturtium, borage, Viola, sage and marigold. We continue to harvest: strawberries, frilly red and green Cos (aka Romaine) lettuces, perpetual spinach, Swiss chard, rainbow chard, curly parsley, Oriental leaves, pak choi, rosemary, sage and oregano.


The Cumbrian new potatoes are called Colleen. We are also buying in regular and vine tomatoes from Gloucestershire, watercress from Wiltshire, spring cabbage from Lincolnshire, courgettes and new season beetroot from Lancashire as well as kohlrabi and asparagus from Yorkshire. Also we should have cherries from France and watermelons from Spain.
We have 25 different box types and they may or may not contain the items listed above. If you would like to receive any of them, let us know by Friday of the previous week and, if stocks (and the value of the box) allow, we’ll include them in your box.

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