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You don’t just get a box of other people’s produce! We work hard in our fields all year round to bring you the widest possible range of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s organically grown using methods we have developed over the years to cope with north Cumbrian growing conditions – good for grass but not so good for fruit and veg!

Here’s what some of our customers say about the result:

A very friendly and reliable service. I always enjoy my delivery day to see what the veg and fruit box has to offer for the week. It always encourages me to experiment more in the kitchen and is a great introduction to healthy food for the children.
Catherine from Carlisle

Great quality fruit and veg. It’s easy to omit items that I have in my own garden – you only have to let them know.
Jean from Keswick

Even the children get excited to see what vegetables are in the box this week. We enjoy having seasonal vegetables without the air miles.
Andrea from Kirkbride

I love the variety of the veg box. There are always interesting combinations of vegetables.
Sally from Burgh by Sands

We offer genuinely hands-on organic production
We offer genuinely hands-on organic production

Brilliant quality fruit and vegetables. I know that seasonal, organic food tastes delicious!
Sharon from Cockermouth

Enjoy the fruit straight from the box. No nasty sprays used to contaminate our bodies. It makes sense. Eat Eva’s organic produce, it’s the best!
Pat from Thornthwaite

Good quality, fresh, reliable organic produce provided in a very versatile way. Excellent!
Mrs Crowley from Cockermouth

Eva’s Organics weekly deliveries of vegetables are just wonderful. We get a great selection of tasty, fresh and interesting produce every Wednesday. Ten pounds buys most of the vegetables we need each week, and because they’re seasonal, our cooking seems to match the weather – warming comfort food in winter and fresh light summer flavours. It is so nice buying them from the people who have grown them too – a world apart from shrink-wrapped supermarket shopping.
Ali from Carlisle

We love the convenience and flexibility of the service. Plus it means we always have healthy food in the house and we get to try fruit and veg that we probably wouldn’t otherwise buy.
Paul and Hannah from Cockermouth

It is so convenient to get fresh organic produce delivered to your door. Often you can’t get those items in the store. Care enough about your health not to include pesticides in your daily diet. It is always fresh and a little of a surprise aspect to it, as you can never really predict what is coming. I strongly recommend it.
Nelly from Silloth

Eva’s box scheme is a great way to ensure that my family has a constant supply of varied and healthy vegetables and fruit every week. It is also an excellent way to promote local produce and cut the supermarkets out.
Timi from Keswick

An excellent variety, delivered to your doorstep.
Ann from Carlisle

I love the fact that I am encouraged to cook veg that I wouldn’t normally buy. You’ve increased my dish repertoire no end! Of course, soups are now deliciously improved.
Liza from Boreland

A nice person brings it to my door, it’s soil fresh and tastes great. What more could I ask for!
Sally from Castlemilk

Eva’s ticks all the boxes for us – organic, excellent quality and reliable. Best of all, I don’t have to think about what goes in the box each week.
Sharon from Penrith

Delivery day is an important day in our house. We’re looking forward with great eagerness to Eva’s soft fruit and orchard produce.
The Tomlins from Morland

I love getting my veg box every week and discovering what is to be the basis for my soups and casseroles. The box was particularly useful recently when I was nursing my very ill mother and couldn’t shop much, but knew I would have the ingredients for nutritious meals at my doorstep.
Maggie from Warwick

Obviously there’s the convenience of having a delivery to my door, and the comfort of knowing I can feed my family uncontaminated organic fruit and veg, but what I like most is the element of surprise – something different most weeks that I’d not necessarily choose but which gives us enjoyment both in working out what it is and in creating some new dish with it.
Mrs Ritchie from Middleshaw

We have been getting our veg boxes from Eva’s for several years now. The produce is always fresh and the driver always cheerful. I have made some wonderful meals with the varied selection. The boxes are good value for money.
Angela from Maryport

Thanks to Eva’s Organics, I get fresh, delicious fruit and veg delivered to my door every week – all at a reasonable price.
Charmi from Newtown

Look mummy, muddy carrots, that’s the best!
Magnus (age 3) from Wetheral

Nana – mine!
Fiona (age 18 months) from Wetheral