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Fresh Organic Salad Leaves Grown Near Carlisle

From all the positive feedback we get we know you love our mixed lettuce leaves, chard, perpetual spinach, herbs and all the Oriental greens with peculiar names such as Red Mizuna, Tokyo Bekana and Yukina Savoy. Supplies of these vary through the growing season but if there are any you would particularly like to try, let us know and we will do our best to include them in your box.

Phone: 016977 48331 or email: debbie@evabotanicals.co.uk.

Mixed lettuce leaves

Lettuce leaves of several colours and textures
Lettuce leaves of several colours and textures

Depending on the season we may also add interesting extra flavours and colours in the form of edible flowers, herbs such as dill and coriander, and more unusual leaves such as Chop Suey Greens, Minutina and Red Orache.

Oriental salads

Use these fresh in salads, steamed or stir fried. They are delicious just fried for a few minutes with a knob of butter and a little salt and pepper. This is the best way to enjoy their distinctive flavours.

Mizuna. Peppery cabbage flavour.
Red Mizuna
Red Mizuna. A red variety that tastes similar to regular Mizuna. The red colour disappears on cooking.
Tokyo Bekana
Tokyo Bekana. Mild cabbage flavour with crunchy, succulent stalks.
Yukina Savoy
Yukina Savoy. A tatsoi variety with a pleasantly strong flavour.
Komatsuna. Mustardy cabbage flavour with juicy leaf stalks.

Spinach and Chard

Perpetual spinach
Perpetual Spinach. Distinctive spinach flavour.
Swiss chard
Swiss Chard. Like spinach but with the added benefit of crunchy white stalks.

Special Flavours, Colours and Textures

Rocket. Deliciously spicy.
Minutina. Also called bucks horn plantain or erba stella, it has a succulent, sweet, almost nutty flavour.
Tree Spinach
Tree Spinach. Spectacular colour. The fresh leaf tastes a bit like pea pods. It keeps its colour when steamed for three minutes.
Red Orache
Red Orache. Savoury flavour when fresh. Steam for three minutes and it tastes a bit like salty beetroot leaf. Another one that keeps its colour on cooking.
Chop Suey Greens
Chop Suey Greens. Strong, tangy, aromatic flavour.
New Zealand Spinach
New Zealand Spinach. Succulent and slightly salty when fresh, also tasty cooked.
Miners' Lettuce
Miners' Lettuce. It has its own fresh flavour and the tiny white flowers add a bit of sweetness.


Dill. Its mild aniseed flavour makes it ideal with fish but it’s also great mixed with salad leaves and added to peas or mashed potatoes.
Curly Leaf Parsley
Curly Leaf Parsley. Familiar parsley flavour. Great in salads, soups, stews and sauces such as traditional parsley sauce and gremolata.
Flat Leaf Parsley
Flat Leaf Parsley. Without the curly leaf but probably with more parsley flavour.