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How the Box Scheme Works

Home-grown organic vegetables
Home-grown organic vegetables

Choose from a range of box values. Our most popular combination is £13.00 worth of fruit plus £13.00 worth of vegetables. See examples of box contents and choose the box that would suit you best. There’s no need to re-order every week. We deliver the same value fruit and veg box as you received last time unless you tell us otherwise. Feel free to stop, restart or change your regular order at any time. Just let us know by email or telephone by Friday of the previous week at the latest. This gives us time to adjust our supplies so we can avoid being left with produce that goes to waste. Ring 016977 48331 or Contact Us

How to pay

It works best for us if you can set up a standing order at your bank to pay into our account at the Co-operative Bank. Give your bank the following details (which also appear at the bottom of your invoice).

Our Account Name: Eva Botanicals Ltd t/a Eva’s Organics
Our Account Number: 70545456
Sort Code: 08 92 50

You can also use online banking or pay in advance by cheque. We record payments on Fridays and there may be a one week delay before your last payment is noted on your invoice under ‘Balance carried over’.

If you are going to be out

If you are not in when we deliver, that’s not usually a problem – we would leave your order in a porch, shed, garage or somewhere safe from the elements. If the box is to be left outside, perhaps you could leave a bin-liner out to cover it.


We try hard to maintain the high quality of the fruit and vegetables in your box but if you receive a sub-standard item, just let us know and we will add extra to make up for it next time. It’s best to put most produce – especially broccoli (but not bananas) in the fridge as soon as you receive it. Also, have a good look at it before you put it away! The almost invisible blemish on that nectarine can spread surprisingly quickly – especially if it’s in a fruit bowl at room temperature. On organic fruit there are no nasty coatings to retard spoilage.

Please return the empty boxes

We re-use the boxes so please return them clean and in good condition - it’s good if you can give them a wipe out with a damp cloth. Also the cardboard boxes fold flat to make them easier to store. There’s a bit of a knack to this but so long as you remember ‘bottoms out’ you should be OK. That means the floor of the box folds outwards (not into the box).